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#We believe that education is a birth right of all individuals. To support our belief, we work with NGOs who facilitate basic education among disadvantaged children. Currently we have partnered with a NGO called Sugathi that works for children to assist them in their education.

Sugathi stands for welfare or a happy condition or bliss in Sanskrit. It is a non-profit developmental organization started by a group of like-minded young people who strongly believed that every child, with a strong foundation in education at school level would be shaped into an enlightened citizen. These children will be the building blocks of the developed nation in the future

Sugathi works in achieving this through teaching with innovation, financial assistance, infrastructure development, counseling among other activities. Established in the year 2007 as a voluntary group and now registered as Sugathi Child Education and Development Society under Karnataka Societies Act 1961, Sugathi has brought a lot of difference to many children, schools and institutes dealing with children in south India.
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